Care Guide

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To keep your order looking its best, do the following. 

  • Wear your piece regularly. Light friction from daily wear naturally polishes your silver.
  • When not being worn, wipe off visible body oils and store your jewelry in an airtight bag.
  • Put your jewelry on last to avoid direct contact with perfumes and body lotions.
  • Remove your jewelry before swimming, showering, or using harsh chemicals.
  • Use a gentle soap and water to clean, if necessary. Commercial silver cleaners will remove the intentional oxidation that darkens your engraving.
  • Polish your jewelry from time to time with a soft polishing cloth (included). Use a light hand on gold plated pieces. 



All orders from Scripted Jewelry come with lifetime complimentary refinishing! 

No matter how well you care for your jewelry, sterling silver is likely to need a refresh on occasion. You can expect the following to happen with significant wear. 


This is a natural chemical reaction that occurs when the metal is exposed to oxygen. The rate and severity of the tarnishing can be greatly decreased by properly storing and caring for your jewelry.

Sterling silver is a fairly soft metal and does not hold up well to extreme abuse. The best care is gentle wear. Take off your jewelry before engaging in high-contact activities.

Gold plated materials are composed of a base metal (sterling silver) covered by a thin layer of gold. With time, that layer can begin to wear away from natural friction. The only solution here is to have the piece re-plated. 

When it is time for a refresh, request a service order and I would be happy to bring your piece back to life.

Jewelry sent in for refinishing will 

  • Have light scratches removed
  • Be polished
  • Components will be checked and tightened
  • Be re-plated (if originally ordered as 14Kt Gold Plated)

Request service below. 

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