While you source or create your handwritten sentiments consider the following tips to ensure your final product is absolutely perfect.  


There is a word limit noted on every product page. For best visibility, stay at or underneath this count when you select the message you will use.


Finely sharpened pencil, ballpoint pen, and chunky markers all create vastly different lines. The thickness of the writing will translate to your finished product.

A medium-weight black pen on white paper will result in the nicest engraving.


Consider the height of your handwriting when selecting your jewelry item.

Block letters and modest cursive work best on thin jewelry.

Large swooping cursive and exaggerated letter tails work best on pendants or key rings with a large surface area.

We can build your phrase

If you need to build a message from multiple sources, we can piece it together. Please provide all of the words or the individual letters needed to create the engraving you would like. 


Sometimes you just can't find the words. For this, we offer a selection of fonts.

They are perfect for dates or quotes you may not be able to source the handwriting for.


99% of the time, the original layout of a handwritten message will not fit perfectly on a small piece of jewelry and still be legible.

We adjust the position of you words so they fit the selected product as large as possible while maintaining the character of the original writing.

You will see these alterations on your order proof. Read more about this below. 


A clear photo will translate to a finished product that keeps true to your original handwriting. 

The Photography Guide offers advice on taking an optimum photo to attach to your Scripted Jewelry order.