What to expect from your order relief

When you receive your confirmation, the order is in our hands. We will get started working up your graphics right away!

You can expect to see your Mock-Up in your email inbox in 2-3 business days (1-2 business days on rush orders).

The proof allows you to review the accuracy and layout of your product before it's produced. 


Almost always, the layout of your handwriting will need to be altered to fit on your jewelry.

To simply shrink the original layout of the writing down to fit, will create a poorly designed engraving that is difficult to read. 

If you have an opinion on the layout of the piece, you are welcome to include this in the notes on your order. However, by default, great consideration is put into placing your handwriting in a way that keeps true to the original while offering you the best visibility possible.

Other edits that may occur along with altering the layout are included below.

Keep an Eye Out

Please note, production waits for your approval, but not indefinitely. 

We will make three attempts to contact you over 10-12 days. 

If we do not receive a response, we will move forward on your order to ensure it does not remain in limbo. 

If you require more time to review your mock-up, please ask. We’d be happy to hold the piece until further notice!

If you have not received your mockup three full business days after your order, please check your spam mailbox. If it has not landed there, please shoot an inquiry email. 



The proof allows you to review the accuracy and layout of your product before it's produced. 

If you dislike anything about your mock-up, let us know and we will correct it and send a revision. 

Once you are pleased, reply with approval and your item will be sent to production!


After you send your approval is a great time to follow Scripted Jewelry on social media! You may see images of your order in progress!