Engraving Your Fingerprint

Engraving Your Fingerprint

Scripted Jewelry can engrave your fingerprint! 

We pay close attention to trace out as much detail from your print as possible, but the best engravings start with a crisp fingerprint and a clear photo.

While taking your print, use fresh ink and plain white paper.

Press down lightly and lift straight up on both the ink pad and paper. Rocking or moving your finger while touching ink and paper will create smears and ruin the detail of your print.

If your first print does not come out well, it is important to re-ink your finger before trying again to ensure the next print is not faded.

To photograph, use steady hands or brace your camera on a book to capture a focused image of the print. Please send the largest file size you can. Compressed images lose detail and will be difficult to digitize nicely.

Use the chart below to tell if your print will work well for engraving.

Will my fingerprint work? Engraved fingerprint jewelry | Scripted Jewelry

Results from different fingerprints | Scripted Jewelry

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