Unsure of what your Scripted Jewelry should say? 

The possibilities are endless. If you find yourself unsure of what to engrave, look below for customization ideas and inspiration.


The basis of Scripted Jewelry and the customization that started it all, handwriting is never a poor choice. Popular phrases include 

"I love you"

"Love, Mom" 

"I love you to the moon and back" 


Feel free to get creative. 

*Please note, swear words are welcome (and make us giggle). Hate speech, however, will be turned away. 

All languages are welcome


In the same category as handwriting, signatures are quick customization with a lot of personality and sentimental value. We all have old signed documents laying around. 


Save your children's artwork or the quick sketches of a creative friend. 


Add initials to the back of your piece for a discrete but personal customization.


Epitaph dates, birth dates and anniversaries are uniquely yours are make a perfect personalization. 

Roman Numerals or coordinates

Memorialize a specific year or location.

Simple Line Art 

Add a graphic that means something special to you, such as a bird or a butterfly. You can supply your own or choose from artwork provided by Scripted Jewelry.


Engrave a line from your favorite book, an inside joke or make a statement.  

Scriptures or verses 

Keep a meaningful piece of your faith on your jewelry to lift you up or bring you peace daily. All religions are welcome.


While you come up with a customization, keep in mind that every listing includes a word limit. This will help you to determine if and how your desired phrase will fit.