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Where to Find Handwriting

In the digital era, it may be hard to come across the perfect handwritten sentiment. We've compiled a list of places where signatures or handwriting of your loved ones may be hiding.

Use it as inspiration on your hunt. 

  • Journals and diaries 
  • Captions on the back of family photos
  • Scrapbooks and baby books 
  • Snail Mail
  • Documents and legal paperwork
  • Recipe cards and cookbooks
  • Stray notes in desk drawers
  • Margin notes in textbooks and religious texts
  • Passports and ID cards 
  • Notes inside book covers
  • Credit card signatures
  • Children's schoolwork
  • Greeting card signatures
  • Wedding guest books
  • Address books
  • Shopping lists
  • Day planners and calendars
  • Ledgers and checkbooks
  • Letters to Santa
We'd love to add ideas to our list so we can help others on the hunt.
Let us know if you found your written sentiment somewhere interesting!

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