This is the time it takes to make, package and get your item out the door. It does not include time in transit.

“Ready To Ship” are packaged and shipped within 2 business days.

“Made To Order” pieces are crafted within 5 business days.

"Personalized" pieces are designed and crafted within 10 business days.

For an additional fee, you can expedite production of your made to order or personalized item. If you wish to do so, add the following listing to your order.



All orders come with a lifetime refinishing guarantee.

If anything goes wrong with your piece within 90 days of delivery, I am happy to repair or replace it at no charge to you.

There are many things that can happen to your jewelry that I am unable to control (pulling from pets/children, exposure to harsh chemicals, etc). After the 90 day period, there will be a fee to replace broken/loosened components. 

Warranty does not cover incidents of loss or theft.

To best care for your jewelry, do not wear it while swimming or bathing. Avoid direct contact with perfumes and harsh chemicals.

Use a gentle soap and water to clean. Commercial cleaners will remove the intentional oxidation and can damage delicate stones.

When not in use, wipe your jewelry down with a soft, dry cloth to remove body oils. Store in an air tight bag out of direct sunlight.

Even with the best care, your jewelry will likely need a refinish after significant wear. I’d be happy to help.

Items sent for refinish will...

▪ Have light scratches removed

▪ Restore original finish

▪ Components will be checked and tightened

While there is no fee for labor on this service, I do ask that you remit the cost of shipping to and from the studio.

Start your service order by emailing In your email please note the service needed (Ie. refinishing, damage repair, resizing).

Including photos of your damaged item can help expedite the process.


You can quickly tell which items in store can be personalized by looking for the "Personalized" tag on the product photos.

In "Shop All" you can also filter by "Personalized" to view only these items.

Possible engraving include: ▪ Your Own Handwriting ▪ Fingerprints ▪ Doodles ▪ Silhouettes ▪ Font Elements (quotes, dates, coordinates)

I DO NOT engrave photographs.

A mockup is a 2D digital draft. They are supplied on all personalized orders.

Mockups give you a chance to review your order and make any alterations to the engraving before the product is made.

Your mockup will arrive to your inbox 24-72 hours after the order was placed. Please check your spam folder if you are past this window and it has not arrived.

Writing from many images or different parts of the same note can be combined to build your phrase. 

Providing full words is ideal. That said, it is possible to assemble words using individual letters. I will need all of the letters required to spell the word you want engraved.

I only personalize items produced at Scripted Jewelry. Unforeseen obstacles can arise from engraving a new product or material.

I do not want to damage something that cannot be replaced.