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A Story of Starting Over...                            

     After discovering my love for metal work in college, I skipped town (ie. suburban St. Louis) to move to NYC and attend a trade school for jewelry. After a brief period posing as a Greenwich Village hipster and honing my craft, I graduated. Shortly thereafter I was employed in a diamond district design house and on my way to a bright future in my chosen field. That same day William appeared in my life.

     Like any good story, love immediately threw a wrench in that future and changed it all. Sparing you all the personal and gory details, William was lost to me too soon, leaving me a broken mess smack in the middle of our meticulously mapped out life plan.
     Scripted Jewelry is the brain child of pain and desperation. You see, as much as I just want to give up, live on the couch eternally and drown myself in love stories, cheesecake and tears, I had no choice. He wouldn't forgive me if I lost my dream.
     The man left me with a small stock pile of sappy love notes and doodles, which I thought was over kill at the time, but now every last one has become perfectly priceless. I would look at them everyday if I could and then it occurred to me that I could... And be accessorized at the same time, thus it began.
     Handwriting is one of a kind, a very personal aspect of someone.  Catch that handwriting in just the right words and you have a perfect memento. Take it off the paper, etch it in metal and it can withstand a lifetime.
     Scripted Jewelry is a new small business working on an even smaller budget but big ideas.  We are growing slow, but watch for many more ways in the near future to hold your loved one close with you at all times.